Anno Online - Free to play


    PLATFORM: Browser Based

    Anno Online is a free-to-play strategy simulation game that lets you build and develop big medieval cities. No download is required; you can experience a complex city simulation directly in your browser!

    Anno Online upholds the traditional in-depth economics that are the hallmarks of the award-winning Anno franchise, and invites players to manage cities to an extent never before seen in any browser game.

    The key element of the game is the player’s main island, where the foundations of your commercial empire will be set. By satisfying the needs of your population, constructing new buildings and managing production, you will unlock new buildings and face new challenges as your population’s demands and consumption habits evolve.

    Soon, one island won’t be enough to satisfy all their needs and you’ll have to discover and claim additional islands and connect them via ship trading routes to your main island. For the first time in the Anno series, players will have the opportunity to be part of a giant empire and congregate in powerful guilds to work towards joint goals and server-wide quests. 

    Monumental cities

    - More than 120 skins for the various buildings found in the game
    - 1500+ Buildings per city

    High Quality Graphics

    - Highly detailed buildings, ships and islands
    - 10000+ decorative objects per island
    - Animated people in the streets

    Cooperative Gameplay

    - Monumental buildings
    - Visit other people’s islands
    - Guilds

    Customisable Content

    - Male and female avatars
    - Customisable ships

    Increased Usability

    - Expanding interfaces
    - Slow learning curve
    - Failsafe mechanism

    Asynchronous Trading

    - Advanced commercial features: Ship renting, sea lanes, etc...
    - Watch as your trade routes grow: ships come and go in your harbour

    Platform Agnostic Game

    - Advanced use of Flash: Get a true retail gameplay experience
    - Platform independence: Play on Windows, Linux, Mac or other systems
    - No downloads required

    Play Anno Online now, for free, on the official Anno Online Website!