Rayman ® Hoodlums’ Revenge


    PLATFORM: Game Boy® Advance
    RELEASE DATE: 18/03/2005
    • Screenshots
    GLOBOX swallowed a purple lum that causes him to have a split personality….and the other personality is evil!  ANDRE the dark lum boss has an evil plan to try to take over the Heart of the World once again – this time by transferring the mind of the “evil GLOBOX” into the cloned body of REFLUX.

    New to the series:

    • Brand new 3D isometric view allowing a totally new gameplay
    • Anti-aliasing technique allowing even smoother and more
      beautiful animations
    • New camera system to look around in the world


    • Two Playable Characters – Rayman & Globox
    • All familiar characters of Rayman3 GBA + brand New Characters created just for this   game.
    • 8 different types of devious enemies, each with their own ways of moving and   attacking.
    • 4 huge Bosses - each with unique attack patterns and weak points
      Ex.: Fire Monster, Infernal Plum Making Machine, Cloned Reflux Bosses

    New Gameplay:

    • 3D isometric gameplay brings the real Rayman console experience to the GBA platform
    • Game structure: 5 Worlds made up of 16 Levels
    • Gaming modes:
    • Play as either Rayman ( 9levels ), Globox ( 2 levels )
    • Play cooperatively with Rayman and Globox (5 levels)-use them as a team to solve   puzzles
    • Copter Mode : the classic copter fun with Rayman through a full sky level
    • Boat Mode : Rayman on a raft for 1 fast spaced level
    • 3 PowerUps: Super Speed, Fire Resistance & Heavy Metal Fist
    • Lots of Puzzles and plenty of things to explore
    • Many rewards and scoring bonuses
    • You won’t be left without any help: Lums and Teensie cages will provide hints and   point out areas that need to be accessed.