End War VIP Demo Update 30/09/2008
    The End War VIP Demo is now scheduled to start on October 7th. Here's a quick FAQ that should answer some of the questions people have been asking about it.
    Q: What is the EndWar VIP Demo?
    A: The EndWar VIP Demo is a chance for a select group of gamers to get early hands-on time with a small portion of Tom Clancy’s EndWar before the game is launched.

    Q: How can I get a key for the EndWar VIP Demo?
    A: Pre-order EndWar on Xbox 360 at select retailers. Go to and click the "SIGN UP" or "EDIT" button (depending on if you already have an account or not). Click the "Please update me with exclusive content and offers about Endwar and other Ubisoft titles" check box! You will be contacted via email with a special code to gain access to the VIP Demo.

    In the UK, pre-order from GameStation to get a demo key.

    Q: I did all that and I still don’t have an enlistment code yet, what’s up?
    A: Enlistment codes are coming soon.

    Q: Are the VIP Demo and Stress Test the same thing?
    A: Yes, the official name is VIP Demo.

    Q: What are the contents of the VIP Demo?
    A: One single-player story mission, one map that is playable in skirmish mode either 1 versus 1 or 1 versus AI. The Voice Command Trainer is also included.

    Q: Is the VIP Demo only for the Xbox 360?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Will the keys/tokens/codes for the VIP Demo be sent to me by GameStop/insert name of retailer here, or by Ubisoft?
    A: The email will come from Ubisoft.

    Q: Are the enlistment code and the VIP Demo token the same thing?
    A: No. enlistment codes are provided by Ubisoft, while tokens are provided by Microsoft. We created enlistment codes because if you activate a token before the actual demo it will just be cancelled with no way for you to recover it. We wanted to avoid incidents with this system.

    Q: Is the VIP Demo the same as the Closed Beta held in July?
    A: No.

    Q: I pre-ordered EndWar months ago, but now I can’t get into the VIP Demo, that’s not fair!
    A: The VIP demo is not for all pre-orders. It is a special promotional operation with a limited timeframe and scope. Not all retailers have keys to the VIP demo.