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    Update Information


    To install the Paradise v1.1.1 update simply double-click on the patch to launch the installation process and follow the on-screen instructions.


    The following is a list of issues that are addressed in this patch:

    - Blocking issue while fishing in the baobab trees for certain Geforce MX users.

    - Loosing control of the character (Ann): left and right click not operating anymore in some specific cases.

    - Slow mouse tracking issue has been addressed. It may still be present on computers running on a minimum configuration. We recommend turning off the "Animated cursor" option.

    - Blocking issue while crossing the sand foxes.

    - Game occasionally stopping while playing non-interactive sequences.

    - Conversation problem while talking to secondary Molgrave characters.

    - Two in game movies which failed to launch on certain computer configurations has been fixed.

    - Saving issue that could lead to invisible character while loading a game.

    - A few logic issues in dialogs have been fixed.

    - Two movies where not watchable from the cinematic player.

    - Few in-game documents where not readable in other places that the one where you found them.

    - Few other minor problems...


    Added in the game

    - "Animated Cursor" option added to get a better mouse response.

    - Improvement of the main character control, movement is more responsive to mouse commands.