Ghost Recon: Desert Siege


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    ESRB: Rated MATURE for Blood, Violence.
    The Desert Siege Multiplayer Patch is now available for download.

    Note: This patch is ONLY for Ghost Recon: Desert Siege. Players running Ghost Recon without the Desert Siege mission pack do not need to install the patch.

    This patch corrects a play balance issue in Desert Siege multiplayer games with two or more teams. Once the patch is installed, players on different teams but with the same player class (rifleman, support, etc.) will now have the same stats. Previously, players on team #1 would have different stats than players on other teams. This patch only affects multiplayer games and only needs to be installed by players who plan to host a Desert Siege server on their computer.

    This patch will update all language versions of Desert Siege -- players running non-English versions do not need to download a different patch.


    Please follow the instructions below to properly download and install the patch:

    - To download the patch file, click on one of the File Locations below.
    - When the pop-up window appears, select the directory on your computer where you want to save the file.
    - After the download is complete, close down any applications that may be running, as well as any virus scan software. Once this is done, double-click the patch executable.
    - The patch will automatically detect the location of your Ghost Recon: Desert Siege installation and update the appropriate files. A message will inform you when the patch has completed installing.
    - If you experience any problems with the patch, please contact Ubi Soft Technical Support at