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    Myst III: Exile for Macintosh Version 1.22 Release Notes

    Installing the OS X.1 Version of Myst III: Exile:

    To install the files associated with Myst III your computer should have an OS 9.1 partition. The Myst III files for OS X require your Myst III version to be v1.22 and your OS to be 10.1. After updating your OS with Apple's OS X update to 10.1, you will need to install Myst III: Exile and the v1.22 upgrade. Though you may be in OS X, the upgrade will install a new shortcut to Myst III on the desktop of your OS 9.1 partition. This can be copied over to your OS X desktop.

    Lastly, there are two files you will need to add to the Myst III folder to run the OS X version. Extract the Myst 3 OS X and Bink Carbon Library files from the M3OSX1.sit file. Then place them in the Myst 3 folder. You can delete the original Myst 3 Exile (US) and the Bink Shared Library, as they are no longer needed to run in OS X.

    Myst III: Exile OS X Application (English)
    Download from (576 KB)

    Myst III: Exile Patch ver. (1.22 English)
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    A Mac OS X native version of Myst III: Exile
    Patch Requirements
    Mac OS 10.1, OS 9.1 partition
    Myst III v1.22 English