Myst IV Revelation (PC)


    • Patches
    Fixed in version 1.03

    PC & MAC

    - Subtitles for English, Italian, German, French or Spanish are now available.

    - Fixed some memory leaks and random crashes.


    - The NVidia driver 66.93 is not working properly with some combinations of AMD CPU and Geforce 4MX.
    We recommand users to upgrade their driver when a new release will be available from NVidia.

    Myst IV Revelation v1.02 Patch - What's New:

    Radeon 7000-7500 fixes random square all over spire (workaround around an ATI driver bug). FIXED

    Timing of the splinter cell puzzle (spire) tweaked to be less time sensitive. FIXED

    Timing of the Mangree puzzle is tweaked to be less time sensitive. FIXED

    Fixes a random crash when resetting the Mangree puzzle. FIXED

    Version number of the game is now displayed on the bottom left of the main menu. FIXED

    Size of the save game will be lowered after taking a lot of pictures. FIXED

    Workaround for the ATI driver bug that was making the game crash on the Radeon 7500 on Windows XP in the second node of the observatory and at random places. FIXED with driver catalyst 4.9 and 4.10