Uru: Ages Beyond Myst


    • Patches
    Contains stability and performance enhancements for the entire line of ATI's Radeon Graphics boards. It is highly recommended for Radeon owners.

    - Fixed: Graphical anomaly when opening Teledahn book.
    - Fixed: Loading screen filled with strange colors.
    - Fixed: Camera clipping in the room of the third Kadish puzzle.
    - Fixed: Linking books are sometimes clipped.

    Other bugs fixed:
    - Fixed: Quitting the game from the pole cave after manipulating the last pole breaks the poles.
    - Fixed: After clicking on the Kadish panel for the final puzzle and linking to Relto, player cannot move forward in Relto.
    - Fixed: Cannot complete the pillar puzzle if you reset it when the pillars are down.
    - Fixed: When holding the side step key and pressing both mouse buttons, you hear both sound effects.
    - Fixed: If the wrong code is entered in the imager, the player receives an invisible avatar.
    - Fixed: If you click the book in the library, press F4, and then repeatedly click the Uru Live demo, no sound will be in age you link to.
    - Fixed: Sometimes the last key map assigned is not saved.
    - Fixed: Gear-stop animation irregularity in the Garrison Gear Room.
    - Fixed: Missing parts of calibration screen and character creation screen on GM
    - Fixed: Unable to continue after resetting third Kadish puzzle.
    - Fixed: Crash when linking from some treasure stones after multiple mouse clicks.
    - Fixed: Character creation screen hangs when quickly shuffling through hair styles.