CSI: Miami


    RELEASE DATE: Q4 2004
    • Blood and Gore
    • Sexual Themes
    • Violence
    Put the heat on Miami's criminals.

    The No. 1 selling PC crime-adventure series returns with the latest release in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series by Ubisoft. Inspired by the hit show on CBS, CSI: Miami gives players the opportunity to experience forensic investigation first hand. As a member of the South Florida team, CSI loyalists must use both cutting-edge scientific methods and old-fashioned police work to solve crimes amid the steamy tropical surroundings and cultural crossroads of Miami.

    Key Features
    • Play as CSI: Miami personnel: CSI: Miami includes all of the show's characters and exclusive voice-over by the cast. Play as Horatio Caine, Calleigh Duquesne, Tim Speelde, Erik Delko, Medical Examiner Alexx Woods, Detective Yelina Salas or Valera in the lab
    • Authentic storylines and scripts: Critically acclaimed CSI author Max Allan Collins wrote scripts and all five new cases, taking players to a virtual CSI: Miami crime scene. Cases include: human remains found in an alligator, a suspicious night club death, a deceased millionaire and a sex surrogate found dead on a yacht. Each tangled case weaves together to create a surprising conclusion.
    • Four CSI: Miami locations: Authentically reproduced from the set, CSI: Miami includes four interactive locations. Examine evidence in the crime lab, interview suspects in the interrogation room, sit-in on autopsies in the morgue, and follow-up on leads in the homicide detective's office.
    • Forensic reconstructions and re-enactments: Forensic reconstructions taken directly from archived CSI: Miami footage puts players 'in the show'. Re-enactment cut scenes graphically portray key events as they are uncovered by the player.
    • New "hands-on" puzzle assembly: More intimate interaction with the evidence, including re-assembling torn or broken evidence and deciphering encrypted information.
    • Customizable gameplay: Customizable gameplay options allow players to adjust settings to suit their skill level. Get help through a selectable 'hints' option that can help find hidden evidence and suggests the most suitable forensic tools for crime-solving.
    • Solve crimes using 15 tools: Use high-tech crime solving tools to find, gather and analyze evidence, including fingerprint powder, a magnifying scope, UV lights and DNA database comparisons.


    Issues addressed by this update:
    1) Assembly Table crash. In a case with assemble-able evidence, if you entered & left the Assembly Table before getting Valera to process the evidence, then processed the evidence & entered Table again, it would crash. To get past the crash required restarting the case from scratch.

    2) Evidence Processor on Pano screens lockup. If you acquired a piece of evidence that contains another piece of component evidence (i.e. fingerprint on syringe, dna on floppy disk, oil on severed arm, etc), then go to a 360º Pano screen, double-click on the piece of evidence to open the Evidence Processor, then collect the component evidence from it, it would lock up.

    Note: The above noted fixes are not applied to cases in progress. You must restart any case in progress after installing the update.

    1. Installation Instructions
    Double click the file csi_miami_v1.00_to_v1.01_us.exe to install this update.

    2. Uninstallation Instructions: You may uninstall the game from the add/remove programs menu or from the uninstall icon added to the start menu by the installer. Reverting back to V1.00 is not supported.

    3. General Problem Solving
    a. A sound card is required to run the game, you must have one installed or you will not be able to launch CSI: Miami
    b. Depending on the video card installed in your system the game may look and perform better in either Open GL or Direct X video modes. You can choose the video mode by pressing the Esc key while running the game.
    c. If 360 degree panorama environments in the game appear blurry, objects are reversed or any other graphic glitches occur, switch your selected renderer from Open GL to DirectX or vice versa. Go to the Main Menu, select Options, and click on the box for the renderer you require.