Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific™


    • Mild Violence


    Hunt, hide and kill as you take command of U.S. submarines and crews and navigate the treacherous waters of the Pacific during WWII.

    Silent Hunter, the industry-leading naval warfare simulation franchise for over a decade, returns to its roots with next-generation graphical realism, immersive gameplay, innovative crew evolution and more action than ever before.

    Developed by the same Ubisoft team that delivered Silent Hunter 3, the “king of sub games”, to worldwide critical acclaim, the 2007 installment offers the most memorable, accessible and empowering submarine simulation experience ever.

    Key Features

    • Hollywood Blockbuster experience: Lifelike graphics and spectacular audio/visual effects offer an incredibly immersive gaming experience. Witness the historical accuracy and the amazing attention to detail from the breathtaking Pacific settings to the more than 75 authentic-looking war machines such as the U.S. Gato sub, the Japanese Yamato flagship, and the Kawanishi aircraft.

    • Large Scale Naval Engagements: Epic naval engagements can be witnessed by players either firsthand or via radio messages and orders from high command.

    • Innovative crew evolution: Earn upgrades and experience to guide the evolution path of crewmembers, making your men the most effective naval force in the Pacific theater.

    • Immersive single player gameplay: Diverse mission objectives and events on over 15 maps combined with unique rewards make each campaign a unique experience. Commandeer various U.S. submarines and progress your career as a naval officer via improved dynamic campaigns in Career Mode, or dive into ‘instant actions’ and single patrols for a quick fight.

    • Addictive Online New Adversarial Mode: Join forces with up to 8 friends via LAN or 4 via internet in either cooperative or adversarial gameplay modes. Scripted and generated mission types allow for epic online battles and unlimited replayability.

    • Scalable learning experience: Selectable difficulty levels allow players to choose how challenging of a simulation to play.

    • Easy to control: An upgraded and streamlined interface makes moving around the submarine and controlling it much easier than ever before.
    Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific v1.4

    Please note that this patch can be used on both the RETAIL (CD/DVD) version & the DOWNLOADABLE (D2D) version of the game.
    This patch can be applied to the original version of Silent Hunter 4, Patch v1.1, Patch v1.2 or Patch v1.3.


    1. Before installing Silent Hunter 4 - Wolves of the Pacific Patch v1.4 please close all other programs.

    2. Run patch installation file.

    3. Follow the instructions.

    Upon installation you can run the game either from windows start menu ('Start' -> 'All Programs' -> 'Ubisoft' -> 'Silent Hunter 4 - Wolves of the Pacific' -> or use 'Silent Hunter4.exe' file from the game installation directory (By default, the game will be installed into "C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 4").

    Note 1: The save games and replays that were made with older versions of Silent Hunter 4 will be incompatible with the new patch version.

    Note 2: In Base autosaving are compatible between original version and Patch

    Note 3: Multiplayer (LAN or Online) connection between the original version of Silent Hunter 4 and the new patch version is not possible.


    Windows will require additional free hard drive space for its operating system
    (virtual memory). If you encounter the following message in an error dialog:
    "Ran out of virtual memory", free up some more hard drive space.

    To install Silent Hunter 4 - Wolves of the Pacific - Patch V 1.4 you will need approximately 350 MB free hard disk space for the full patch.


    Changes in Patch v1.4



    · Destroyer/Submarine collisions always leading to the destroyer being sunk

    · Fix the periscope animation problem

    · Save & Load issues with the submarine crew

    · Magnetic/Contact Detonator switch now working properly

    · Improper display of the TBT interface for widescreen resolutions

    · Loss of torpedo aiming track when crossing the International Date Line

    · Deck gun Metric/Imperial system issues

    · Repeating objectives bug

    · Correct date when loading a save from career




    · Rendering distance increased to 20km, with appropriate improvement for visual sensors capabilities

    · Dynamic loading of game units has been implemented, considerably improving loading times

    · Improvements to Water rendering

    · Improvements for enemy ships detection of steam torpedoes

    · Damage taken by hulls submarine is shown in the damage interface

    · Entries in Captain’s Log are now limited for better performance

    · Screenshot names now contain the date they were taken on

    · End patrol ports are now displayed on the map

    · Objectives on the navigation now change color when completed


    ----- -----


    Changes in Patch v1.3


    1. All Sensors have been tuned for a more realistic performance
    2. All ship gunners now improve the precision of their shooting in time
    3. Small, irrelevant, units don't show up on the map or clutter the sensors
    4. The radar and hydrophone won't detect units that don't have a signature of that kind (sampans, rowboats, etc)
    5. New orders received by the player are presented through a radio message pop-up.


    1. Radar and Sonar interfaces and functionality have been improved. Now buttons move when clicked and the scroll wheel can be used to train the sensor in the desired direction. Additionally, one can directly click on the bearing indicator, respectively PPI screen, to obtain the same effect.
    2. Friendly pilots shot down will pop up red smoke to signal their position to the player
    3. Improved orders panel
    4. Colorado class battleships have been added to the game
    5. The player can now request a speed estimate on a target as long as he has recently sent at least two range and bearing data sets. Keep in mind that the estimate needs to be sent to the TDC to be taken into account for the shot.
    6. The recognition manual now remembers the last page it was opened at, and will default to the Japanese roster


    1. Solved a bug that lead to target range estimation errors when playing in Imperial measurement system
    2. Corrected the wrong orientation of sounds in the submarine interior
    3. The radar now detects targets to the north, south and generally any other direction, according to the historical performance, of course.
    5. Solved a few bugs related to the AI Group commander
    6. Various ships have had firing arcs limitations corrected
    7. Various ships have had engine HP values corrected, thanks to some great research by Nematode!
    8. Some problems with the sound engine have been solved
    9. Various user interface enhancements / bugfixes.
    10. Parachutes animations run correctly now.
    11. Torpedoes fired by the player now show up on the map even after crossing the International Date change Line
    12. All menus display correctly on widescreen resolutions
    13. Periscope zoom has been set to the historical value.
    14. Submarine's batteries no longer recharge when no fuel is available.
    15. All ship dimensions are now correct and will no longer lead to targeting errors. Keep in mind that torpedoes may still run too deep, as it is correct historically.
    16. Clemson class destroyers are no longer crewed by Japanese sailors
    17. AI units will now take notice of nearby ships being destroyed even when there is not a trace of the attacker

    ----- -----

    Changes in Patch v1.2


    1. Modified the game rendering to accept FSAA and fixed high resolution rendering.
    2. Added "Volumetric Fog" as a stand alone option, no longer member of the "Environmental Effects".
    3. Added a new sound volume option, "Radio Volume", that controls the Radio and Gramophone volume.


    1. Tuned the submarines efficiency mechanics
    2. Fixed the damage model for the Kinposan Maru/Medium Modern Split Superstructure Freighter
    3. Tuned the malfunction rates for torpedoes. Mk 10 Torpedoes will be more reliable now, as per historical data. Go Sugar boats!
    4. Improved the Periscope/TBT torpedo status panel by making only the currently loading tube blink, instead of all that are in the queue
    5. Tuned the submarines damage model
    6. Added a new tuning option for the radio news/music volume ratio


    1. Fixed a sound volume issue where some sound volumes were ignored in the game.
    2. Removed crashes in replay and multiplayer.
    3. Fixed a bug where refit in friendly harbors would not refit the cannon ammunition.
    4. The "Maintain Current Depth" command (letter 'A') crash was fixed.
    5. Position Keeper for negative bearings fix.
    6. Fixed a bug where explosions were played in the scene after a load or a replay even if the explosion took place a long time ago.
    7. Fixed the 'invisible monolith' that, if looking at it, will greatly reduce FPS.
    8. Fixed a bug where the difficulty settings of the game were ignored in multiplayer. The game now starts with the selected settings from the session page.
    9. Fixed a bug where, sometimes, if pressing the Stadimeter button the game would crash.
    10. Fixed a bug where, When hovering over highlatable objects in 3d career room, the texture would dissapear.
    11. Fixed a bug where, when pressing SHIFT+F2 in any 2d page the game would crash.
    12. Fixed the bug in adversarial where the Escort Commander could see your submarine on the navigation map even if the sub was underwater.
    13. Fixed a bug where the name on the captain's watch appears to be "Stevens". Nah, just kidding :)
    14. Fixed the SD Air Search radar so that it no longer detects ships.
    15. Fixed the Torpedo drag model. Now high speed torpedoes will hit fine.

    ----- -----

    Changes in Patch v1.1


    New in game voices.
    New stern and bow wave effects.
    Added End Game movies - available only for campaign end of war.
    Option to change the interface using Miles instead of KM.
    Night filters for interface.
    Added torpedo planes in the game.
    Added, medals, calendar, New papers, Hall Of fame and End campaign screens in Career Mode.
    Added a "death camera"
    Added the S-42 class to the game,

    Patrol date is adapted to flotilla transfer date.
    Tuning in efficicency mechanics.
    Sensors tuning.
    Tuning in submarine structure.
    Added new orders in HUD.
    Improvements to subsystem, crew and torpedo management screens.
    Improved interface for rescue survivors interface.
    Added tooltips on interface.
    Added new Historical battles during campaign.
    Added more Harbor traffic.
    Added more "life" in frendly harbors.
    Added more special units to enemy harbors and locations.
    Added more abjectives in campaign.
    Improved AI for merchant.
    Corrected plane rosters for Japanese airbases and aircraft carriers.
    Made the Radar Station inaccessible when the Surface Search Radar is not present onboard.

    Menus tuning
    Removed the AI bugs from the game.
    End of War bug fixed.
    Removed bugs regarding save/load/replay.
    Removed Multiplayer connections bugs.
    Fixed randomly crashes during the game play, save and load.