Shaun White Snowboarding


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    Enter a snowboarding world of total freedom. You can create your own experience in this game, and choose when, where, how and with whom you want to ride.

    Developed in close collaboration with Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White – the most successful snowboarder in the history of the sport – Shaun White Snowboarding is the next-gen game that redefines the action sports genre.

    • Open-world mountains: Choose how you ride in open-world mountains accross the globe. Conquer the extreme peak conditions, create your own paths in the back country, or compete with fellow riders in the terrain park.
    • Your friends are always around: Play in a world where your friends are always around. Do you own runs on mountains populated by real gamers, or join your friends for a quick session from anywhere in the mountains.
    • More than just snowboarding: Have fun with your friends on and off the board: Throw snowballs, hike to access secret spots, film your friends doing crazy tricks. You can also upload your videos online to share with the world.
    • Ride your way: Express yourself through tricks, riding styles, and highly customizable avatars both in single-player and in the online world. Use the intuitive dual analog control to pull off a huge variety of tricks that express your style.
    Shaun White Snowboarding
    v1.01 Patch


    Updates in v1.01

    Added PEGI, USK and OFLC rating information

    · Removed “kick from server” option from clients

    · Fixed login problem when the login name is empty when it's entered with keyboard or the pad.

    · Removed “host private session” from multiplayer menu

    · Fixed window position in windowed mode

    · Fixed name over character’s head in some resolutions

    · Fixed a crash in keyboard controls

    · Fixed crash when falling into a crevasse

    · Fixed some PC-only networking crashes

    · Fixed teleport bug

    · Fixed PC-only sound crash

    · Fixed negative score values in the leaderboards

    · Fixed shader issues in Vista

    · Fixed random crash in camera code

    · Fixed Vista UAC issues with shader file and devicemapping.ini file

    · Fixed bugs with “Skip” button after some scripted events

    · Fixed scrolling in leaderboards

    · Fixed crash when choosing a destination and being disconnected at the same time

    · Fixed some subtitle parsing issues in different languages other than English

    · Change of Game ID for the online protected (Tages) version in order to facilitate future patches

    · Fixed bug when spamming ok button on voice chat restriction TCR

    · Vista : The issue with WEI rating is Fixed