100 All-Time Favorites


    RELEASE DATE: 10/27/2009
    • Simulated Gambling
    • Violent References
    With 100 All-time Favorites, you can rediscover your favorite classics. Choose among a great variety of board games, card games and puzzles. Have fun with your family and friends or simply take a moment to have fun and relax while playing alone.

    Key Features:
    • Wide selection of easy to pick up classics games: over 100 board games, card games and puzzles.
    • List of games include: Battleship, Poker, Sudoku, Chess, Checkers, Dominoes, Black Jack, Bridge, Jackpot, Connect 5, Solitaire, Pool, Bowling.
    • Watch tutorial videos to learn to play new games and develop your strategies and reflexes with the new Classroom Games feature. Follow your progression based on learning curves.
    • Beat the clock and see how high you can score: the higher score you get, the more games you can unlock and the more challenging it becomes.
    • As you go through the game you get points and credits that you can use to unlock even more rewards.
    • Challenge your family and friends with the multiplayer mode.