Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic


    RELEASE DATE: 3/2/10
    • Alcohol Reference
    • Comic Mischief
    • Mild Language
    • Violence
    Experience the thrill of the hunt and live the dramatic life of a submarine captain like never before. Help to write a riveting chapter of World War II history by commanding accurately recreated German submarines in the Atlantic theatre of operations.

    Key Features:
    • Make history by achieving objectives in a dynamic campaign and play through historical based scenarios. Every action of the player will have an impact on the following missions and the overall scenario development.

    • Silent Hunter returns to the Atlantic to give the player the chance to control accurately recreated German submarines, and satisfies the wish of the large simulation community!

    • Interact with the submarine crew and command the officers onboard while pursuing your target. Watch them perform their daily jobs and experience the tension & fear inside the U-boat. For the first time, walk through highly detailed submarines in FPS fashion.

    • New level accessibility will cater to more casual simulation fans. New users will be able to play Silent Hunter: Battle of the Atlantic in “easy mode” and prowl the waters free of confusion or complication.

    • Cinematic experience with improved environment graphics and highly detailed submarine models increases the level of realism & immersion in the game.

    • Includes the exclusive PBS documentary: “LOST & FOUND Legacy of the USS Lagarto.”
    Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic
    v1.1 Patch

    ----- -----
    Changes in v1.1

    Bugs and issues

    - Update to the leader boards data security
    - Now torpedo Officer's abilities upgrades work properly
    - Fixed the promotion points issue for crew in multiplayer
    - Fixed a bug where the player will lose the flak gun & hydrophone upgrades if he upgrades the conning tower
    - The depth control is now working properly
    - Corrected an angle readout when the user manually adjust the angle
    - Add visual feedback when the user uses a crew ability
    - Now difficulty settings is kept in campaign after the game has been restarted
    - Fix a bug where the shortcuts for the abilities are not working when using some keyboard models
    - Fix a bug where the camouflage of the submarine didn't apply to the conning tower
    - Fix a bug where only 1 Flak gun was upgraded
    - Now submarines have the correct icon representation on map
    - Fix a bug where the user will receive the defeat screen after completing the campaign with major victory
    - Now the external camera works on the realistic mode.
    - Fix a bug when talking to the Watch Officer
    - Fix a bug when Macro objective can no longer be completed.
    - Fix a bug when having the hull integrity below 20% at the end of the campaign will destroy the submarine rather than complete the campaign
    - Fix a bug when the user cannot use the attack/observation periscope in certain conditions
    - Fix a bug on Windows Vista when installing the game under a standard user account

    Game play and others

    - Fix a bug when the U-boat does not take damage from AMCs
    - Now ships sunk in an area specified by the shape will update the specific Macro objective
    - Fix a bug related to the objective condition on the mission The Fate of U-110
    - The direction of the enemy locked ships no longer appear in the TAI
    - Fix a bug where the texts on the map were overlapping
    - On the mission The Cornered Giant the user can no longer complete the mission without sinking any ship
    - Fix a bug with German voices and voice over subtitles
    - Frame rating improvements when the user enters the bunker
    - Fix a bug on load/save where some objectives will not be completed


    - Fix a bug when long freeze occurs when a client tries to join a session
    - Fix a bug when title remains stuck on synchronizing saved games menu
    - Error message appears after redeeming the wallpaper reward.
    - Fix a but when there was a significant delay regarding the availability of redeemed rewards in game
    - Now Uplay window and taskbar tab have specific icons
    - Fix a bug when the user gets a confirmation message instead of notification one
    - Incorrect mouse behavior when returning to Main Menu from Uplay
    - Several errors appear after buying the two historical missions.
    - Error message appears after redeeming the wallpaper reward.
    - Fix a bug on German version when value is not translated in the Uplay achievement window
    - Fix a bug when improper message displayed when another user logs in on the same account